Success Stories

“2012 started off like any other year, as far as setting some goals that I wanted to accomplish in the year. I had 5 goals that I wanted to work on. Number one on the list was losing 20-30 pounds. This had been my goal for several years. I would get all excited about losing weight. I would start to exercise and then get distracted and the end of the year would come and no progress towards my goal.
This year I decided to make a vision board of my goals. I placed it on my mirror and in a few strategic places in my house where I could see it a lot to remind me what I wanted to achieve.

I went into Fit for 10 with a friend who was also trying to lose weight. We signed up together. I was so excited to exercise and have a buddy to exercise with. We signed up for the free class to learn how to use the weights. Taylor, one of the personal trainers taught my friend and I and a few other people how to use the machines. I also wanted to sign up for the free personal training session.

I have exercised most of my adult life. I usually walk or sometimes jog. What I lacked was resistance training. I needed to learn how to lift weights. So, I signed up for a personal training session. I was really hoping that Taylor would be the personal trainer I would have my session with. He was very personable and nice, and I felt like I could really work with someone like him.

I am also a fan of the Biggest Loser TV show. I do have a problem with some of the personal trainers yelling at the contestants. I knew that someone yelling at me would not work with my personality. I needed someone who was positive and encouraging.

If you have ever read the book “The Five Love Languages”, one of my love languages is positive affirmations, the other is service. I knew I needed someone who was positive. I also knew I needed someone that I would like and get along with especially when the going got tough. Taylor was that person for me. We had our first session and I really wanted to sign up for more, so I signed up for 3 months, twice a week. The first month I lost 10 pounds. My weight loss did slow down from that point, but we continued to see results.

I must admit, that I was not willing to give up sugar. For me I needed to learn how to eat all the things that I love and still lose weight. I needed to learn how to eat and exercise so that I can live and still enjoy life. Too many times in the past I have gone on a diet and lost weight. Then I went off the diet and gained it all back over time. I did not want to do that again. This time I wanted the weight loss to be permanent. It was time to invest in me. After all paying for a personal trainer is less expensive than hospital and doctor bills. Being overweight was putting me at risk for health problems I did not want to have. So it was time to change. My husband and family were all supportive of me and my weight loss journey.

I have been very slow and steady. It has taken me a year to lose 40 pounds. Even when I have not lost any weight, I have lost inches. I have been very slow and steady. Sure I could have done it faster, but I needed to change some behaviors and thought processes so that this would be permanent.

Taylor has been like a psychologist and a personal trainer. We have discussed many things and solved a lot of problems as we have exercised. He has pushed me to do things that in my head I thought I could never do. I have learned from him that sky is the limit; I am the only one holding me back. I can do anything that I think I can do. I have learned to tell myself that I can do hard things, and I will. When Taylor asks me if I can do five more, I do five, sometimes six more. When I am struggling to do what he asks, I start to giggle. I don’t want to grunt, that would be embarrassing. So I laugh. I have found this to be good therapy.

Lifting weights is awesome stress relief. Sometimes when work or life is hard, I can go to the gym and let out all the frustration and lift weights like crazy. It is much more productive than sitting on my rear end watching TV, and I feel so much better.

Taylor took a before and after picture of me. It is hard for me to see the skinny girl that I have become. Taylor has helped me to embrace her. I have worked hard to reduce my body fat and increase my muscle mass. I don’t really like to sweat. I have learned to love it; because that means that I am burning fat and building muscle. That is a beautiful thing. I can now chase my grandchildren around and they cannot catch me. I love being physically fit.

I am Nancy Winslow, I am 53 years old. If I can do it, you can do it! Thank you Taylor Empey! I couldn’t have done it without your help. You are one awesome personal trainer. Thank you for believing in me and teaching me to believe in myself, my skinny self.”

– Nancy Winslow

(Starting out Nancy was 193lbs at 42.3% body fat. As of now Nancy is 163 lbs and 27.0% body fat. That is a loss of 40lbs from fat and 10 lbs of muscle developed.)




“How do I adequately put into words the experience I had training with Taylor Empey? I’m not quite sure if I can, because to truly understand what he can do for you, you have to experience it for yourself. Taylor revolutionized not only my physique, my body’s strength, and my nutrition; but he also revolutionized my mindset and outlook on life.
Before I started training with Taylor I was confident with the way I looked, but I wasn’t in love with the way I looked. Slowly overtime I kept gaining weight. No, I wasn’t fat, but I definitely wasn’t fit. My initial motivation to start training was to strengthen and prepare my body for the upcoming snowboard season, as a competitive snowboarder I wanted to be better than my last season. However, what I thought would just be six weeks of training with Taylor turned into a passion for health and fitness, and I would continue to train for another 10 months with him. Even still I continue with a life and passion now dedicated to health and fitness, and a passion to be a stronger, better, and healthier version of the person I was yesterday.
Every single day I look in the mirror, I don’t just see an average girl looking back at me. I see someone with tone, definition, and passion. I see someone who went beyond what she thought was possible, and literally turned her life around because of it, and all of it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for Taylor. I never would have stuck with this or grown to love it without him there teaching and encouraging me. Often I think about where I would be if I had never started training and it absolutely blows my mind that I would still be slowly gaining weight, eating unhealthy, and inevitably become an insecure and unconfident young adult.

How Taylor revolutionized my nutrition; before I chose to start living a healthy and fit lifestyle I literally ate McDonald’s at least once a day, it was quick, convenient, and “good.” I drank soda, and many other sugar filled drinks all throughout my day, and I never would drink water. I would have the smallest portion of meat at dinner I could and fill up on the carbs like potatoes and my multiple glasses of soda. I ate ice cream most nights, and sugar cereal every single morning. I made fun of people who ate healthy, and were gym rats. I didn’t see what was so great about cutting out some of what I thought were life’s greatest delights and wasting time hitting the treadmill, but Taylor showed me the light.

At first I was a little overwhelmed and wasn’t too sure I would be able to follow this nutrition plan, but I did it. I haven’t had soda, candy, or fast food in nearly a year. I eat nearly zero processed foods, and I drink about a gallon of water a day. My diet consists of protein, vegetables, healthy fats, complex carbs, and fruit. I never realized what eating clean could do for you till I began myself. I have more energy than ever before, I’m happier all around, and I’m never bloated because of food. I constantly ask Taylor about what types of food are good and bad, what types of recipes and things I can eat that fit under my nutrition guidelines, and what to eat to get certain results. He has always been able to answer my questions and provides more than enough insight. He helped me see that eating healthy isn’t as hard as it looks; it only takes motivation and determination.

Taylor not only changed my physique, but my body’s strength and capabilities. I have had rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia for six years, over that time my body continued to get weaker and continued to be in more pain; it took so much from me. When I first got symptoms I was a competitive cheerleader and it was my whole world, But because of the disease I physically was not able to do it because of the tremendous impact it causes on the body’s joints, I was forced to stop; so I started snowboarding. However, I still had to take pain relievers in order to do it and it still left me in agony, but I was determined that I would not let the disease take another passion from me. Which is why I wanted to start training, I knew that with the right moderation, correctly doing exercises, and a healthy diet it could help me achieve my goals and dreams. I just never imagined the magnitude to which it would. For the first time this past snowboard season I can say I had absolutely no pain. I was able to snowboard without pain relievers; It was almost like magic. I never thought it would be possible to be pain free ever again, but it is, and I can thank Taylor for that.

Taylor is not only knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition; he is also one of the wisest people I know. I choose him over anyone else to go to for advice. Taylor has taught me to have a positive mindset – “Be, Do, Have.” If you believe you can do it, you will have it. So not only is Taylor my Trainer, I regard him as one of my greatest friends. He is someone who will never judge, he is someone you can always trust, he is someone who will always do his best to help.

When friends now ask me to give them pointers and tips on fitness and nutrition it’s like I’m flooded with all the information Taylor has taught me and I don’t know how to put into words everything I’ve learned without taking hours to explain; I literally owe everything to him! People, even those close to me, call me obsessed, but that’s because they haven’t experienced what I have, they don’t know what this lifestyle can do for you. You must experience it for yourself to truly know. Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the Dedicated. If you want results, whether that be with your physique, your nutrition, or your life, Taylor can and will get you there if you let him.”



Anna Sanchez

“I trained with Taylor to get back in shape. I was surprised at the measurements we took and the weight that was consistently dropped. I really like that it happened gradually and not drastically. Also, Taylor is a great trainer to work with, I was a little nervous to have a male trainer but he was able to push me at a level I couldn’t get to on my own but also could tell when I was at my limit. I would recommend Taylor to anyone looking for improvement in strength, endurance, or weight loss. I got great results!”


“Taylor is an outstanding Personal Trainer, team member, leader and friend. He has a great work ethic and is always willing to go out of his way to assist his team members and managers without expectations. I endorse Taylor and would trust him with whatever endeavor or task asked of him.” – Brandon Rogers


“I started working with a personal trainer when I found out I was pregnant last year, and I felt so strong and healthy by the time I delivered. Getting back to the gym was a challenge. I was not able to perform as well as I wanted due to some personal issues and anxiety. I was feeling down when I got to the gym, but by the time I left I was more determined. I would like to thank Taylor Empey, my personal trainer, for being SO patient and willing to accommodate my needs. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer!‪”


“I have been going to the gym for six months now and I wanted to show you that I have been through some incredible changes. It’s been very exciting working hard on my body, my business, and my life as well. Thank you all for being so supportive through these changes, some of which have been very drastic.

I can remember, almost six months ago looking at my body and thinking about how much I had let myself go, and I am extremely humbled by the effort I’ve had to put in to turn myself around. It was very hard at first to get over the embarrassment of letting myself slip away, but now I am stronger, I am happier, and I want to say thank you for checking out this hot body I have carved out.

A special thanks to Taylor for training me in the initial months of my transformation, if you have thought about getting a trainer, I highly recommend his guidance and knowledge.
If you haven’t had an experience you liked with a trainer, than you have got to meet Taylor. This guy made meal plans and exercise routines customized to my life and my goals. This guy cares that you reach those goals by helping keep you accountable and on track.

Friendly, determined, knowledgeable, and in great shape himself, Taylor is my trainer…is he yours?”



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